Online Business Strategy Consultation

Online Business Strategy Consultation

As a business or entrepreneur, you need to know how your website and IT infrastructure fits into your long-term goals with strategies that are practical, measurable and achievable.

You can benefit from our combined 30+ years of experience to work out what are the top priorities for your business and how to move rapidly forward in terms of:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Hosting
  • Digital Design
  • Quality Control

We'll listen to your business needs and work out the best way your websites, digital marketing and IT infrastructure can support and deliver on these.

We'll make you aware of technologies, tecniques and processes that you can benefit from to improve your business and to get a solid return-on-investment.

Join us for an initial 1-on-1 consultation that includes:

  • An in-person meeting with one of our company directors. Either Tim Woolfson or Ben Empson will be delighted to help you. We can also arrange a phone or Skype call if that's easier.
  • A report after the meeting/call with practical recommendations that are tailored to your budget.

Consult with Tim

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  • 15+
    years in online business
  • Digital Marketing expert since 2003
  • SEO and Email Marketing specialist
  • 5 years at Serif running multi-million pound budgets
  • Founded Profitable Web Projects in 2005

  • price : 350 £

Consult with Ben

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  • 15+
    years as an internet engineer
  • .NET programming expert
  • Responsible for integrating IT/HR initiatives at Rolls-Royce
  • Founded Array[X], a programming business, in 2001
  • Merged with Profitable Web Projects in 2012

  • price : 350 £
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